The Best Sites For UFC Handicapping

What are the best sites to use for handicapping UFC fights? These five have the trends, stats and useful information.

Mixed Martial Arts has seen a massive rise in popularity over the past decade. With that explosion in fandom, the sport has also seen a massive spike in popularity from an online sports betting perspective. While MMA is among the most thrilling sports in the world, the ability to actually pick the winners of fights has made the MMA experience that much more fun to watch over time. Sportsbooks have done an outstanding job keeping up the demand over the years. At the same time, there are a number of online sites that have done excellent work providing updated statistics, insight and information that can help when it comes to betting on MMA events. Here is a look at the best sites for UFC handicapping.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

The UFC itself has done an outstanding job of tracking fighter backgrounds, profiles, statistics, skill sets and other useful information over time. Whether it’s through fight breakdowns, individual fighter bios or releases that the UFC puts out in anticipating of specific events, there is no doubt that the promotion itself has covered a number of bases when it comes to its fight coverage. However, if you are looking for more than one the site has to offer than there are some other quality UFC handicapping sites that you should check out.

Sports Chat Place

Another site that is excellent for breaking down entire UFC fight cards is Sports Chat Place, which offers free MMA picks and predictions for every single UFC card. Sports Chat Place features intriguing insight in to specific fight matchups as well as information about sports betting odds, recent trends and other key topics that could factor in to your decisions on which fighters you want to place your money on when betting on UFC bouts. With so many alternative sports betting sites out there, it’s hard to narrow down your selections in order to focus on the best. Sports Chat Place is one site that you should definitely consider when it comes to finding pertinent information for betting on UFC events.


While the Covers website is well-known for its breakdowns of other sports, its UFC section is somewhat underrated. MMA Oddsbreaker is their resident UFC fight expert that offers excellent analysis and advice for betting on events. Meanwhile, you can also find additional handicapping columns and predictions posted throughout the website. Covers is a popular site when it comes to a number of other sports but it’s also a very underrated tool when it comes to handicapping UFC bouts.

Doc’s Sports

One alternative site that could be used for UFC handicapping is Doc’s Sports, which is an excellent resource when it comes to providing valuable information for handicapping UFC fights. For every UFC event, the site provides valuable handicapping articles that offer insight in to the matchups, sports betting odds and other aspects of the fights that you might not see covered by other sites.

UFC Betting.Net

One final site that you might want to consider for UFC betting is UFC Betting.Net, which caters specifically to the UFC betting community. With real-time betting options, in-play betting, live feeds of UFC odds and more, UFCBetting.Net is an excellent tool to add to your arsenal of different online betting sites that you might want to consider using to your advantage when it comes to betting on UFC fights.

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