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Everything That You Need To Know About Grand Salami Betting

Grand Salami is the combined over-under of all of the teams playing that night. Let’s take a closer look at the strategy of betting it.

One of the most unique types of wagers that sportsbooks offer is the prop bet referred to as the Grand Salami. This type of prop bet takes an interesting twist on the traditional totals betting. The Grand Salami is a specific type of total bet that is only made available in either baseball or hockey games. The title refers to the cumulative total of runs or goals scored in every single game on the board for that night. Here is a closer look at what the Grand Salami is in sports betting and how to make a genuine profit betting them.

Grand Salami Explained

The Grand Salami is a total created by sportsbooks that allows bettors to wager on the total of every single baseball or hockey game on any given night. The point of the Grand Salami is to be able to predict the entire combined scores of every team in every game within that league.

For example, if there are three NHL games on the schedule on a given night, then the Grand Salami total might be set at 16.5 goals. Therefore, if the six teams that are playing combined to score 16 goals, then the total would stay under. If the six teams combined to score 17 goals, then the total would go over. This same concept can be applied to the MLB Grand Salami. The only difference is that while they track goals scored in the NHL, they track runs scored in the MLB. Here is an outline of how a Grand Salami total could be determined for the MLB on a given night.

Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees Total: 9.5
Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers: 8.5
Chicago Cubs @ St. Louis Cardinals: 7

The individual totals for all three games in this MLB example are listed right beside the matchups. If you add up the totals for each of the individual games, then you will arrive at the total listed for the Grand Salami, which would be 25. The sportsbooks will use that number to identify what the Grand Salami total should be. However, they suually won’t take the exact total. Therefore, the Grand Salami line for this night could be something like 24.5, 25.5 or 26.5. If the six teams playing combine to score 26 runs or more then the total will be Over. If the six teams playing combine to score 25 runs or less then the total will be under. On the surface, it’s a very simple concept that is easy to understand. However, in order to make a profit betting on Grand Salami’s you have to pay close attention to the details and be able to make specific determinations that allow you to better evaluate how the bigger picture can play out.

Betting The Grand Salami

Before you place your Grand Salami bets, you need to find a sportsbook that offers this option for MLB and NHL games. The majority of sportsbooks do list Grand Salami options on their board on a nightly basis. However, there are some sites that still won’t post this totals option. While there has been a lot of talk about the possibility to add Grand Salami wager options for the NFL and NBA, the reality is that there are so many more points scored in those leagues on given nights that it would actually be a lot more difficult to both set the lines for these sports and to bet on them.

Grand Salami Adjustments

While the sportsbooks will usually post their initial Grand Salami totals fairly early in the day, those numbers will usually change throughout the course of the afternoon and evening leading up to game time in order to reflect any changes in the perception of what those numbers should be. For example, if there is a change to the weather in one or more games then an adjustment could be made. If there is a change in starting pitchers for a game, then the Grand Salami total can be changed. The sportsbooks could also make additional changes based on injury notes, lineup changes and other important factors. It’s important to monitor potential adjustments to the Grand Salami lines throughout the day in order to understand what the sportsbooks are seeing and how they are factoring it in to their decision-making.

The Optimal Grand Salami Betting Strategy

Now that you have an understanding of how the Grand Salami totals are created, adjusted and bet on, it’s time to get a better idea of how to adopt an optimal sports betting strategy in order to improve your potential to make a profit betting them. Here is a look at the best strategy for betting on Grand Salami’s in baseball or hockey.

Understand The Lines

The majority of sports bettors are used to betting on different sides including which team will win the game and which team will cover the spread. While a good portion of that group also will bet on the totals, they are usually betting on one game rather than on all of them combined. Betting the Grand Salami is a little less common. However, by combining the same knowledge that you use when betting on individual totals with the likelihood that those numbers will reflect a higher total of runs scored and goals scored or a lower total of runs scored or goals scored you can get a good idea of whether to bet the Over or the Under on the Grand Salami.

There are important questions to ask in relation to the totals. Do the majority of the individual matchups on the board project to be higher scoring shootouts or defensive struggles? What will the flow of the game look like? Will the weather factor in to the equation when it comes to the baseball games? When you are betting on the totals of individual games you can really narrow your focus to the likelihood of either outcome in that specific matchup. When it comes to betting the Grand Salami, you want to be able to take that knowledge and then use it to predict likelihoods that the majority of the games will go over their totals or under their totals.

Key NHL Grand Salami Factors

There are specific criteria that you want to keep a close eye on when betting the NHL Grand Salami. It’s important to take a very detailed approach in evaluating the individual games before then applying that knowledge to look at the bigger picture. For example, let’s say that you think that on the surface three of the five games should go over their posted totals. Then you find out that for one of the games that you thought would stay under the total, the backup goalies for both teams are now starting. Now you have a pretty good idea that four of the five games project to go over. When you take that knowledge and then apply it to what the total is for the Grand Salami, you can get a pretty good idea of whether you should bet the over or the under.

In addition to backup goalies, you also want to factor in key elements like rest and injuries. Fatigue can often lead to sloppy play in the defensive end, which tends to translate in to higher scoring games. Meanwhile, a well-rested team could actually be better defensively but struggle from an intensity perspective in terms of producing offense. You also want to keep a close eye on injuries to key players in each matchup.

Key MLB Grand Salami Factors

While there is a significant number of factors that come in to play when handicapping the Grand Salami in hockey, there is even more elements at play when it comes to betting on baseball. The first and most important starting point is the starting pitchers. If there are a number of aces on the mound, then it could lead to lower scoring totals across the board. If you see teams at the end of their rotations and leaning towards their fourth or fifth starters, then you might consider betting the over.

In addition to the pitchers, you want to track how those pitchers perform against the offenses they are facing. There are countless baseball statistics available to track so it’s very easy to look up past performances and use them as indicators of future performances. Remember, studying the matchups is absolutely integral if you are going to come up with accurate predictions.

In addition to the individual matchups, you want to keep track of the conditions, including the potential for rain and wind to impact games that are played in outdoor stadiums. Remember, certain stadiums are built to favor offensive production while other stadiums tend to favor the pitchers. Where the majority of the games are played should also factor in to your decision-making when it comes to betting MLB Grand Salamis. One other important note to keep in mind in terms of weather is that if games are postponed, it won’t change the totals for the Grand Salami. Therefore, if the total is set based on the 12 games on the schedule but two games are postponed, that initial number doesn’t change. It’s important to keep an eye out for the potential impact that weather can have on the Grand Salami totals for baseball. Make sure you keep that in mind when you start to bet these wagers going forward.

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