Betting Advice

  • Grand Salami

    Everything That You Need To Know About Grand Salami Betting

    One of the most unique types of wagers that sportsbooks offer is the prop bet referred to as the Grand Salami. This type of prop bet takes an interesting twist on the traditional totals betting. The Grand Salami is a specific type of total bet that is only made available…

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  • Reverse Line Movement

    What You Need To Know About Reverse Line Movement

    Identifying, tracking and then betting on reverse line movement situations is a trendy but underutilized aspect of online sports betting that has been mostly left to the professionals. After all, tracking line movements takes time. While the casual bettors might not be willing to invest an extended amount of period…

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  • If Bets

    Everything You Need To Know About If Bet Wagers

    One of the most important things that advanced bettors need to understand is the importance of extending their arsenal and using a wide range of wagers in order to build up their bankroll. Whether it’s straight bets, parlays, prop bets, futures, live betting or any other form, the more options…

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  • Regular Season Win Totals

    The Strategy Of Betting On Regular Season Win Totals

    Regular season win total bets are a type of sports wager in which gamblers risk money betting on how they think a team will perform in an upcoming season. There aren’t many sportsbook options that allow you to predict how teams will perform, but this is one of them. Here…

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  • Drone Racing Betting

    The Best Online Sites For Betting On Drone Racing

    The online sports betting markets have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. One of the biggest differences is the sheer number of various events that are made available to bet on. While eSports has commanded a significant stake in the online betting markets, drone racing is another sport…

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  • Horse Betting

    Horse Betting – Everything You Need To Know

    One of the oldest forms of betting on sports is wagering on horse races. For more than a century, horse racing has ranked among the most popular sports to bet on ranging from the ticket-taking days all the way to the current online sports betting forums. While it might not…

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  • CFL Betting

    CFL Betting – Everything You Need To Know

    The Canadian Football League isn’t nearly as popular as the National Football League or college football in North America. However, the CFL has continued to gain popularity over the past few years, as the product on the field has continued to improve every single season. One side effect of that…

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  • Tips For Betting College Basketball Futures

    Tips For Betting College Basketball Futures

    The college basketball season is now in conference play. How does that relate to betting on college basketball futures? Consider these points: *Promotional Terms & Conditions May Apply. Calculate Your Edge The bookmaker’s fee attached to a futures bet is larger than for a straight bet on games or totals.…

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  • Golf Betting

    Betting On Golf – Breaking Down Everything You Need To Know

    While the glory days of Tiger Woods absolutely dominating the worldwide golf scene are a thing of the past, there is no shortage of key storylines driving the popularity of the sport heading in to 2019. From Tiger’s return to being a competitive golfer to the rise of young stars…

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  • Best Twitter Follows of 2019

    55 Best Twitter Follows For Sports Betting

    Although forums used to be the spot for sports betting conversation, Twitter is now where it’s at. For handicapping games beforehand to picks to live chatter as the games are happening, there’s nothing better than betting on the games and watching the tweets and memes scroll by. With that in…

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