Best US Online Sportsbooks In 2019

What are the best places to bet online?

There’s a constant ongoing debate as to what is the best online sportsbook for US players. Of course, different players have different needs. On top of that, different books cater to different crowds and have different features. That’s what makes it tough to pick one company as the best US sportsbook. So what we’ve done is take a look at all of the best betting sites in USA and do a comprehensive evaluation. Instead of picking one champion as ‘best online sportsbook USA, we’ve got a champ for every major category.

These are the top sports betting sites USA players should be looking at.

Bovada SportsbookBest Sportsbook For Live Betting: Bovada

Bovada is the cream of the crop when it comes to live betting. On an NFL Sunday, they’ve got every game up on the board for live betting. Many sportsbooks will have just a handful of the early games, although almost every book has the primetime games these days. Still, if you go beyond that, Bovada has a big menu of basketball (both NBA, NCAA and European), hockey (both NHL and Euro leagues) and much more. They also have a huge selection of bets in each game. For example: most sportsbooks will have a moneyline or spread, but Bovada will post props, alternate lines and so much more.

Lastly, you have to give them props on the speed of the lines. Whether it’s on a desktop/laptop or mobile on a smartphone, the lines come up quickly. That really gives you a great opportunity to get in on the action in between plays. This is an online sportsbook USA players should have an account with – even if you bet at other shops for pre-game lines.

5Dimes SportsbookBest Sportsbook Reputation: 5Dimes

5Dimes is definitely a book that gets kudos across the board. There are few people that have bad things to say about them. They have long been a reliable brand, they have decent promotions/deposit bonuses, a huge assortment of betting lines and a great reputation. You know that if you play there you’re not likely to encounter any type of shenanigans and they don’t boot winning players.

If there is one criticism to be had it’s that their homepage is archaic. A lot of sportsbooks are guilty of that but their homepage looks like it was made in the early 2000’s and has never been changed.

WagerWeb SportsbookBest Sportsbook Deposit Bonus: WagerWeb

You always have to keep an eye out on sportsbook deposit bonuses. Not all are created equally and some look good on paper but come with all sorts of strings attached.

WagerWeb’s bonus is at the top of our list because they offer a 50% bonus that’s cash – no free-play – and it’s up to $1000. When you compare that to someone like Bovada ($250), that’s a significant difference. MyBookie, YouWager and BetOnline will match the $1000 but they only give you free-play. That’s a huge difference.

If you’re new to the game, here is a quick rundown of how bonuses work at the best US online sportsbooks:

A free-play is just one bet that you can win off of. So if they give you a $1000 free-play, you can bet $1000 on any one thing and if you win, you keep the winnings as cash. If you lose, then it’s basically no harm, no foul since you didn’t really lose $1000 that you had. However, at WagerWeb, they’ll give you a cash bonus, so when you compare it to that, you are technically losing out. Cash is cash, which means you can bet it however you want in however many increments you want. There are no restrictions.

It’s worth noting that WagerWeb’s bonus comes with a 15-time rollover. BetOnline and YouWager are also at 15 times but MyBookie is at 10 times.

Best Sportsbook For Low Juice: Pinnacle Sports

Of course, those looking for low juice will find a home at Pinnacle Sportsbook. This is a company that has a great reputation overall but is specifically known for their low juice. Their average margin across the board is roughly 3% and margins for the more popular markets, like football, major soccer leagues, NBA are even lower at about 2%. For example: an NFL line might be -105 on both sides whereas most sportsbooks will be at -110 on either side.

And you know that since they offer low juice like this, they are home to many sharp players. That means that all types of winners are welcome there (they don’t boot winners) and they’ll give you high limits on the lines – if that’s what you’re looking for.

BetOnline SportsbookBest Sportsbook For Early Betting Lines: BetOnline

While different sportsbooks open up lines for different events (The Greek is first to open CFL lines), BetOnline has become the leader in early betting lines. On most NFL Sundays, you’ll see them both posting and tweeting out the opening lines for the coming week’s action. After they post, you’ll see a number of other sportsbooks follow suit. Usually Bookmaker is a close second if they aren’t opening up the lines themselves.

If you’re looking to get action on early lines – whether it’s baseball overnights or lookahead lines for NFL – this is one of the best places for online sports betting USA.

Bovada SportsbookBest Sportsbook Mobile Experience: Bovada

Bovada has this down to a science. They’ve really spent a lot of time with the UI/UX with their mobile site. They’ve clearly done testing, used professionals and have come up with something that is intuitive, functional and pleasant to use.

There are some sportsbooks who will take a regular website and then spin it off into something kind of works on mobile. That’s not what Bovada has done. Everything is so easy to do with your fingertips. That includes things like deposits, withdrawals, live betting and places parlays. They have managed to fit a lot onto the screen but it’s still neat and organized.

So many of us are transitioning – or have transitioned – to mobile betting and Bovada’s mobile site is a model of what other sports betting USA websites should be looking to do.

MyBookieBest Sportsbook For Entertainment/Fun Betting Props: MyBookie/Bovada

This used to be a realm that Bovada owned but MyBookie has definitely taken the cake this year. If you follow their Twitter handle, you’ll find all sorts of different lines that are being thrown up in the sportsbook for you to bet on. From things like Miss Universe to reality shows to timely things in the world of sports, you’ll always see them tapping into that market.

Both sportsbooks do this for marketing purposes as you’ll see a number of major publications in the mainstream media eat these stories up. Once they see betting lines on different things, it serves as good content for their stories. MyBookie does a great job of catering to that.

If you’re looking to actually bet and profit off these lines, don’t expect to make a ton of money. Usually the betting limits for these types of things are around $50 to $100. However, it’s still fun to have access to. The majority of sportsbooks miss the boat with these fun props.

5Dimes SportsbookBest Sportsbook For Sports Betting Futures & Props: 5Dimes

5Dimes wins in this category as they offer a huge selection of props that are relevant to sports bettors. For example, if you like to bet on the NFL, they are one of the few sportsbooks that will allow you to bet on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in regards to every NFL team making the playoffs. You can also do the same when betting on teams to win a division. That really gives you a lot of opportunities.

You’ll also find regular season win totals (everyone has those) but they’ll also do head-to-head, like NFL versus college teams. You’ll also find futures up on the board all the time, which is something that books sometimes like. You’ll regularly be able to bet on teams to win their division week-to-week; many books will allow you to bet on teams to win a division in the preseason and then pull the line for the rest of the season.

They also have a lot of fun props that other sportsbooks won’t carry. During bowl season, they’ll post over-unders for how many bowls a conference will win. That way if you think one particularly conference will do well given their matchups, you can bet it. Sharps bettors will find an edge in different places, so it’s nice to have this opportunity at 5Dimes. And they’ll have lines like that for March Madness as well, so if you want to bet on the SEC to win over 5.5 games, you can do that.

5Dimes does a great job of giving you more options than simply betting on spreads, moneylines and totals. You can see for yourself by heading over to their website and clicking on Live Lines. You’re able to get an inside look/preview of what’s offered without even having to sign up for an account.

Best Sportsbook With Handicapping Articles: Pinnacle

You’ll find that a lot of sportsbooks and USA betting sites have articles on their sites these days. From SportsInteraction to MyBookie to The Greek, but Pinnacle’s articles tend to be a cut above. SIA has good game previews and sites like WillHill offer good breakdowns as well, but Pinnacle’s Betting Resources are very useful for bettors who know the basics and want to start moving into the advanced level. Topics like “How efficient is the ATP Tennis betting market?” or “College Football Bowl predictions: Are rushing yards the key?” or “How to use Standard Deviation for handicap betting” do help players get an edge. That’s useful.

The Greek SportsbookBest Sportsbook For Sharp Bettors: The Greek Sportsbook

The best sportsbook for sharp players is The Greek Sportsbook. They’re like that old beast of a pickup truck you can always rely on. Are they the fanciest sportsbook? Definitely not. Does their book have all of the bells and whistles? It’s missing a few. But will they go higher on limits than most books? Of course. Even though you might be limited through their website, you can always call in and speak with customer service. Sportsbook Director Scott Kaminsky was always known for dealing with sharps on a first-name basis, answering the phones and being very personable. This book won’t kick out winning players like many others do and that’s quite important if you’re a professional sports bettor.

5Dimes SportsbookBest Sportsbook Teaser Lines: 5Dimes

Although it might seem obvious that all teaser odds should be equal across the board, they are not. It’s one of the things that differs from book to book. Newbies probably won’t think so much about this but advanced bettors who like to use teasers to cross key numbers will care.

For college football, a six-point, two-team teaser will pay you back EVEN money. For NFL, a two-team, six-point teaser will pay -110. That’s about as good as it gets in the industry. Remember that points are worth a little more in the NFL versus college, which is why you get a better payout with college teasers.

If you’re looking at three-teamers, college ones will payout +180 and NFL ones will payout +165. If you shift the line by 6.5 points in college, you’ll get +165 on a three-teamer.

If you’re taking a look at basketball, 5Dimes is still best-in-class as they’ll pay +107 on a two-team, four-point teaser. We mostly recommend teasers for NFL when you’re crossing key numbers, but those looking at basketball will appreciate these prices.

And as you go up the charts, you’ll notice that the more you add, the better 5Dimes does at beating the market. For example, most books will payout +2500 on a 10-team teaser when you’re getting six points on the lines. As for 5Dimes, they’ll give you +2600 if you win the bet. Although it might seem a little here, a little there, in the long run, that adds up.

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