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55 Best Twitter Follows For Sports Betting

From informative to entertaining, these are the best Twitter follows for sports bettors.

Although forums used to be the spot for sports betting conversation, Twitter is now where it’s at. For handicapping games beforehand to picks to live chatter as the games are happening, there’s nothing better than betting on the games and watching the tweets and memes scroll by.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best sports betting Twitter follows. That includes handicappers, accounts that provide useful information and a few others that will entertain you.


@ViewFromVegasDave Tuley (@ViewFromVegas)

Now with VSiN, Dave Tuley does a great job of covering sports betting from top-to-bottom. He’s mostly useful for recaps to tell you who covered, which game the game went (over/under) and which way things are trending.

David Payne Purdum (@DavidPurdum)

One of the lead writers for ESPN’s gambling section, Chalk. You’ll see a lot of opening lines, news on the action and trends in his feed.

@ToddFuhrmanTodd Fuhrman (@ToddFuhrman)

He’s a former oddsmaker-turned-handicapper/sports betting expert. You’ll see him on FOX Sports 1’s Lock It In and on CBS Sports HQ. In his feed, you’ll find picks, analysis and sports betting tips.

@GolfOddsJeff Sherman (@GolfOdds)

He’s the VP of Risk Management at SuperBook. He’s often one of the first posting the opening lines on all sorts of events.

@JimmyVaccaroJimmy Vaccaro (@JimmyVaccaro)

40+ years as a Las Vegas oddsmakers. You’re bound to encounter some wisdom by following.

@DannySheridan1Danny Sheridan (@DannySheridan1)

Well-known handicapper, sports analyst and writer for USA TODAY.

@KellyInVegasKelly in Vegas (@KellyInVegas)

Not breaking news here but this is a male-dominated industry. Women are making some headwinds, though, and Kelly is one of the trailblazers in the betting world. Knowledgeable, informative and legit funny.

@RobPizzolaRob Pizzola (@RobPizzola)

One of the sharpest handicappers around. You’ll also get a dose of plenty of dry sarcasm in the feed too.

@SportsRageGabe Morency (@SportsRage)

Well worth a follow on all of his platforms – TV, YouTube, Twitter – as he’s embodies how most gamblers truly act and feel. Entertaining as ever, he also provides useful handicapping info and picks.

@Covers_VegasPatrick Everson (@Covers_Vegas)

Patrick Everson is a Senior Writer with but is mostly their Las Vegas correspondent. You’ll find him in the sportsbooks on The Strip interviewing with the biggest names in the industry.

@JTFOzJoe Osborne (@JTFOz)

One of OddsShark’s most entertaining writers and personalities. He is a fun follow on Twitter and posts lots of useful handicapping nuggets.

@teddy_coversTeddy ‘Covers’ Sevransky (@teddy_covers)

Professional handicapper. Even if you’re not into buying picks, he’s a great follow as he’s a wealth of information.

@ChadMillmanChad Millman (@ChadMillman)

ESPN’s former gambling insider has branched off to become the head of media at The Action Network. He’s more into promoting The Action Network than release juicy betting tidbits these days but by following, you’ll still be tuned into to useful sports betting information.

@JayKornegayJay Kornegay (@JayKornegay)

One of the top minds at the SuperBook at Westgate, which is usually one of the first shops to open betting lines on virtually everything.

@RoxyLasVegasRoxy Roxborough (@RoxyLasVegas)

Famous Las Vegas Oddsmaker who posts interesting news stories related to the business.

@VSinLiveVSiN (@VSinLive)

The Vegas Stats and Information Network is great to listen to on Sirius XM but is a useful follow on Twitter as well. You’ll see a lot of their videos and analysis in their feed.

Brent Musberger (@BrentMusberger)

One of the lead voices on VSiN.



@TwitVIVegas Insider (@TwitVI)

A meat-and-potatoes, no nonsense feed that helps you win. You’ll come across game previews, predictions, trends and betting recaps at the end of the night.

@ActionNetworkHQAction Network (@ActionNetworkHQ)

Useful for bettors, fantasy players, DFS and much more. Not only useful betting info but also fun to follow along as you’re watching the games. (@Covers)

Arguably the internet’s home for betting trends, information and editorial insights. Their feed has picks, previews, videos and much more to help you win.

@OddsSharkOddShark (@OddsShark)

A big-time affiliate that offers a lot of good sports betting information in their feed. You’ll often see when books release lines, props and other useful stats and trends.

@DonBestSportsDonBest (@DonBestSports)

One of the most useful outlets for sports betting information. You’ll see a lot of trends in their feed. Of course, their odds tool is known as being one of the best out there.

@SBRSportsPicksSBRSportsPicks (@SBRSportsPicks)

SBR is one of the most respected sportsbook affiliates out there but they’ve really put an emphasis into handicapping and picks over the last 5-10 years. You’ll encounter a lot of videos, game breakdowns and picks by following their feed.



@barstoolsportsBarstool Sports (@BarstoolSports)

They’re not the ones breaking the sports news but they are definitely the ones mocking it and doing a damn good job of it. Good analysis too.

@RedditCFBReddit CFB (@RedditCFB)

Oddly enough, the main Reddit Sports Twitter account isn’t very active. However, the college football one is and it’s not only informative, it’s often entertaining.

@TMZ_SportsTMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports)

In case you want to see breaking news on Jon Jones drug violations or when Kareem Hunt assault videos come out.

@WorldWideWobRob Perez (@WorldWideWob)

Nobody does NBA GIFs/Vines like he does.

@TheCousinSalCousin Sal (@TheCousinSal)

Also a member of the Lock It In show on FS1. Entertaining analysis throughout the games and also picks.

@br_bettingBleacher Report Betting (@br_betting)

GIFs, videos and memes as the games happen.



@KenPomeroyKen Pomeroy (@KenPomeroy)

He’s one of the sharpest minds when it comes to college basketball. His Pomeroy Rankings are referenced by everyone once March Madness rolls around.

@PhilSteele042Phil Steele (@PhilSteele042)

He’s an ESPN Insider now but he’s best known for his annual encyclopedia of a college football preview magazine. He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to college football.

@SharpFootballWarren Sharp (@SharpFootball)

One of the sharpest – yes, pun intended – minds you can follow for NFL analysis.

@EvanSilvaEvan Silva (@EvanSilva)

Rotoworld’s Senior Football Editor is outgrowing his role a bit there as he’s a wise mind in football analytics. A useful follow for fantasy sports, props and general football analysis.

@BillBarnwellBill Barnwell (@BillBarnwell)

ESPN and Grantland writer. Well-respected NFL mind.

@BGTennisNationBrad Gilbert (@BGTennisNation)

One of the lead analysts on the tennis circuit.

@GeoffSchwartzGeoff Schwartz (@GeoffSchwartz)

Does fantastic film breakdowns that are useful to NFL bettors.




PaddyPower (@PaddyPower)

If you’re into the European sports like soccer, this is probably the most entertaining sportsbook you can follow on Twitter.

The Greek SportsbookThe Greek Sportsbook (@BetTheGreek)

They tweet out where the sharp action is each night, which is useful. They’re also quite entertaining to follow in-game with funny GIFs, sarcastic analysis and humor.

@DaveMasonBOLDave Mason (@DaveMasonBOL)

The de facto lead account of BetOnline as they don’t do a ton of innovative stuff from the company’s official account. Dave Mason, their lead oddsmaker, tweets all sorts of useful betting information throughout the day. (@BetMyBookie)

Fun follow from time to time but they’re mostly useful when they post lines on various sports-related or entertainment props.



@WojESPNAdrian Wojnarowski (@WojESPN)

Woj drops bombs all of the place when it comes to NBA news. He’s the leading insider and typically has the news before anyone else. Nowhere is that more evident than the NBA Draft when he tweets the picks out before the commissioner announces them.

@ShamsCharaniaShams Charania (@ShamsCharania)

He isn’t quite the 1A to Woj’s 1 but he’s up there. Shams, who is now with The Athletic, breaks a lot of NBA news.

@RapSheetIan Rapoport (@RapSheet)

NFL Network and’s leading insider. Him and Adam Schefter break the news on all major NFL happenings virtually simultaneously.

@AdamSchefterAdam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

ESPN’s NFL insider. He’s often the first to break all of the NFL news from injuries to trades to suspensions.

@Ken_RosenthalKen Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal)

Now with The Athletic, Rosenthal continues to be the leading breaking news reporter in the baseball realm.

@TSNBobMcKenzieBob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie)

Probably the most tapped-in NHL reporter. A lot of news flows through him.

@PierreVLeBrunPierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun)

One of the lead NHL news breakers.

@slmandelStewart Mandel (@slmandel)

There are a number of great college football reporters but Mandel is one of the most plugged in.

@DanRafaelESPNDan Rafael (@DanRafaelESPN)

One of the chief voices in the boxing worlds. From analysis to breaking news, he’s a good follow.

@TennisFormTennisForm (@TennisForm)

Little known account that’s great for keeping track of tennis injuries.

@YahooFordePat Forde (@YahooForde)

National college columnist for Yahoo. Good for both college football and basketball.



@ESPNStatsInfoESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo)

They just tweet stats and info all day, much of which can be useful for handicapping.

@StatsBySTATSStats By STATS Inc. (@StatsBySTATS)

You’ll get some good analysis and deep dives of statistics.

@EliasSportsElias Sports Bureau (@EliasSports)

They keep track of records and trends better than almost anyone.



@TweetyDimesTweetyDimes (@TweetyDimes)

One of Twitter’s top handicappers. Just kidding. One of Twitter’s MOST TROLLED handicappers. Makes for some entertaining fades.

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