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The Best Sportsbooks For Canadians In 2019

The online sports betting industry has transformed in to a billion-dollar industry over the last decade. With so much competition for a share of that pot, the people that actually bet on the games have an excellent opportunity to take advantage. That’s because the people in charge of these sportsbooks are doing their best to bring customers to their website, which means incredible bonuses, live betting, low juice and a very extensive range of sports betting odds.

We put in the time to figure out which sites are the very best in the business for Canadians heading in to a new calendar year. Additionally, we broke down which sites offer the best of what you might be looking for specifically based on key individual categories. Here is a look at the absolute best sports betting sites Canada in 2019.

Best Betting Sites
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Best Sportsbook For Live Betting: Bet365

While a good portion of the older generation still bets on games before they start and just waits until the end of the games to see their results, the new generation of sports bettors take a much more advanced and modern approach. Which side of that fence are you on? The ability to bet on games as they happen is a significant tool in order to stay on top of games and make sure you can adjust to things as they happen whether it’s a surprising start to the game, a key injury or simply the fact that one team didn’t show up plain and simple. Bet365 is the absolute best of the best when it comes to live betting.

While most sportsbooks have just a handful of games online every day, Bet365 does an excellent job of providing the best coverage in the business with the widest range of games online. NFL Sunday is the best example of the work that Bet365 does as they usually have every single game online for live betting. In addition to football, Bet365 has an extensive menu for NBA, NCAA and even European sports including soccer. The best part about Bet365 is that they do such a good job making sure that their lines are adjusted extremely quickly and that speed matters when it comes to placing bets on the fly. When it comes to live betting, there is no better option than Bet365 among Canadian sports betting sites

Best Sportsbook For Mobile Betting: Bovada

Bovada earns top honors as the sportsbook that offers the best mobile betting experience. After spending years developing their mobile site, it seems as though Bovada now has it down to a science as a cut above the other options in Canada. With easy methods for live betting, deposits, withdrawals and putting together parlays on the fly, Bovada’s mobile site is absolutely outstanding and clearly stands a cut above the rest. If you are looking for the best in live betting and mobile betting, there is no doubt that Bovada is one of the best betting sites Canada out there right now.

Best Sportsbook For Deposit Bonuses: WagerWeb

With so many excellent online sports betting sites competing for business, there are a number of sites that offer excellent deposit bonuses in order to convince new members to give them a shot. When it comes to deposit bonuses, there is no better site for Canadians than WagerWeb. WagerWeb’s deposit bonus is a 50% bonus if its cash on up to $1000. That’s a significant difference even against some of the best deposit bonuses in the business.

The fact that you can start a new account with WagerWeb that includes $1000 for free to begin is an absolute steal. Even if you don’t end up staying with WagerWeb over the long term, their deposit bonus alone is enough that you should try them out at least once to take advantage of their bonus and see what they are all about.

Best Sportsbook For Low Juice: Pinnacle

For Canadians that are looking for a site that offers low juice, Pinnacle is the best site there is for that specific category. Pinnacle’s average juice margin across the board is around 3-percent. They also offer even lower juice for other specific categories including a 2-percent juice for the NBA and some others sports.

While it might not seem like a big difference at first glance, that difference in juice between different lines can make a substantial difference over time as it adds up. Also, with such low juice amounts this site is the perfect sportsbook to use if you are placing large wagers since you will have to risk less on each bet. The larger the best, the greater the juice, which is why a site like Pinnacle is perfect for these types of wagers.

Best Sportsbook For Early Betting Lines: BetOnline

Another important category that you might want to consider is the availability of early lines for betting on sports. While different sportsbooks open up lines for different events at different times, BetOnline has earned a reputation as the best for providing early lines. In fact, BetOnline is so good that typically on an NFL Sunday they are already providing lines for the following week’s NFL action. Usually sportsbooks take a little more time to post their early lines. If you are trying to capitalize on the early action as soon as it comes out then BetOnline is the best betting sites Canada for you.

Best Sportsbook For Entertainment: MyBookie

While Bovada used to stand alone as the best site out there for entertainment and other fun props, MyBookie has taken major steps forward in recent years in order to climb to the top of the chain in this department. On a site like MyBookie, you will find all kinds of different lines with everything from Miss Universe to the Oscars available to bet on. It might not be your priority as somebody that wants to bet on sports, but think about the potential to make some serious money in these categories if you have a good idea of the potential outcomes.

Anything can happen on any given Sunday in the NFL. Does that make football easier or more difficult to predict compared to a predetermined outcome for Best Picture at the Oscars? Even if you aren’t exactly looking to make a significant profit betting on these lines it can still be fun to bet on these entertainment options in order to have some fun. While Bovada still deserves a nod as an excellent site for betting on entertainment props, MyBookie still stands at the top of the pyramid for Canadian sportsbooks for these types of betting lines.

Best Sportsbook For Futures Betting & Props: 5Dimes

When it comes to the online sports betting site that offers the widest range of prop bets to their users, 5Dimes stands alone as the site that wins this category. 5Dimes does an excellent job offering the widest range of options for betting on futures, especially when it comes to the NFL. If you are looking to bet on football futures, keep in mind that 5Dimes offers a huge selection of regular season futures and then follows them up with a wide range of additional lines that apply specifically to the playoffs.

They also have a lot of fun props that other sportsbooks don’t carry including a special list of unique options for the NCAA bowl season as well as for March Madness. It’s important to have more options than just betting on point spreads. If you want to take advantage of the best prop bets and a wide range of futures, then try out the 5Dimes sportsbook sometime soon.

Best Sports Betting Canada Site For Handicapping Articles: Pinnacle

One of the most unique aspects of the Pinnacle sportsbook is the fact that it offers handicapping articles that help break down the best bets and where you have the best opportunity to make some serious money. While a number of sites offer handicapping articles, Pinnacle definitely stands out because of the act that its articles are so well written and in-depth. Pinnacle’s Betting Resources section also provides additional unique insight in to sporting events including titles such as “How efficient is the ATP tennis betting market?” and “College Football Bowl predictions: Are rushing yards the key?”

These types of articles help players gain an additional edge in order to make the most informed decision when they are ready to place their actual bets. While you might be able to find important information elsewhere if you look hard enough for it, there is nothing better than going to one specific site and finding it all there laid out for you in the same place where you are going to bet. Pinnacle sportsbook takes the cake as the site that does the best job providing the information its users need to make winning wagers.

Best Sportsbook For Sharpies: The Greek Sportsbook

Professional bettors are usually referred to as sharp bettors. These are the type of bettors that know what they are looking for and need a reliable site that they can find quality lines with high limits, low juice and excellent customer service.

The Greek Sportsbook might not be the flashiest sportsbook but it certainly stands out for being the most popular among the sharpies. While some sportsbooks can only host professionals for so long before they eventually kick them out for winning too much, that isn’t the case at all at The Greek Sportsbook. If you want to bet where the professionals bet, consider The Greek Sportsbook as the best option that you should try out some time soon.

Best Sportsbook Teaser Lines: 5Dimes

The best sportsbook for Canadians that want to place teaser wagers is 5Dimes. While that might seem like a strange thing to be looking for considering that the majority of online sports betting sites offer a wide range of teaser options, there is no doubt that 5Dimes stands out as the best of them.

What separates 5Dimes from the rest of them? The first thing that stands out is the wide range of games that you can create a teaser bet for online. More importantly, 5Dimes offers some outstanding betting lines that include low juice totals for teaser bets. For example, in college football you can play a six-point, two-team teaser bet that will pay you back even money. Pretty impressive, right? In NFL football, you can play a six-point, two-team teaser that will pay -110. If that’s not impressive enough, in basketball 5Dimes offers a +107 line for two-team, four-point teasers. These types of odds really separate 5Dimes from its competition because you can really limit your risk and raise your potential earnings with every teaser wager that you place.

Best Sportsbook Reputation: 5Dimes

Sticking with 5Dimes, there is no doubt they stand alone as the sportsbook with the best reputation in the business among sites that Canadians can bet with. One of the most reliable bands in the business, 5Dimes does an excellent job in a number of areas in addition to being the best for teasers, futures betting and props.

The difference between 5Dimes and a number of others sites is experience, as 5Dimes has been around for a very long time. If you are looking for a quality sports betting experience with a site that you can definitely trust as one of the longstanding sites that are out there, 5Dimes might be the best option for you. All of the sites listed here stand out for one reason or another. If you are looking for the complete experience with an online sports betting site that you can trust, definitely consider 5Dimes as the sportsbook with the best reputation amongst players doing some online betting Canada.


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